Wednesday, October 19, 2011

6 Month Opthalmology

Kaiden has his next 6 month ophthalmology follow up appointment today with Dr. Edward O'Malley.  I just LOVE that man!  He is so easy to talk to and down to earth.  It doesn't hurt that he flattered me about my firm handshake either.  He reminds us of Steve Martin.  He truly DOES look like him!  Don't you think so too?  And he's funny as well.

Dr. O'Malley still does not recommend glasses.  He thinks Kaiden will just use them as a toy.  He says that he is using both eyes, his right to see close up and his left to see distances.  His nystagmus is lessened.  He is using head positioning to compensate for poor eyesight.  Surgery could be done at this age to improve that but since it doesn't seem to be a big issue, we will hold off on considering that. O'Malley continues to see improvements.  We will follow-up again in 6 months.

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