Monday, September 29, 2008


I can't believe we have now been in this process for 2 years this October.

The last group of referrals that came through experienced a 32 months wait.

We could move into the Review Room (that is the second of three rooms where they review our dossier for completeness and ask for verification on anything in our file) as early as the end of this year. Currently those with a LID of February 2007 are in there. We are LID April 2007.

As for some good news, we just received our renewal I-171H for our adoption (you might remember that we started this back in June : ) Everything went well with our updated home study (considering we are currently between homes - our Social Worker ROCKS!) So we are good to get baby K for another 18 months. If we don't travel before then, we have A LOT more hoops to jump through. Now we are praying about about the special needs adoption program. We are trying to postpone it until we move but if we don't move this month, then we will seriously be looking at the list of children.

It hasn't bothered me often, the wait that is, until recently. Yesterday we were at the Cider Mill and it hit me hard. Maybe it is because we saw numerous adopted children (it's obvious they are adopted when both parents are Caucasian and the children are Asian) and numerous other babies. I just know that if we could easily have a child now, I'd get pregnant in a minute. I am starting to really long to have our baby in our arms...