Thursday, June 14, 2007

Current Wait Time

The June batch of referrals came in late last week. I"m not sure if I said this before or not, but China only sends out referrals once per month, generally around the beginning of the month. The batch of referrals that just came in had a wait time of 19 months. That is the wait time from your LID date which for us was April 11. For the past few months, a month of wait has been added on. That is because for quite awhile now they have only been doing one week of each month, each month. I hope that makes sense. So it looks like it will take 3 more months just to get through the last 3 weeks of November 2005. Once they get to 2006, we are praying that the time will speed up or at least remain static because 2006 had fewer dossiers logged in in 2006 than 2005. However, we are also guessing that it will then lengthen because of the rush in 2007 to get in before the requirements changing effective May 1, 2007. Only time will tell. Those are our best guesses.