Thursday, June 4, 2009

MRI. Fail.

Today Kaiden was scheduled for his brain MRI. Because we had to be at the hospital one hour before the appointment which meant 7:30 am, the girls had a sleep-over at Nanu & Papa's so they didn't have to get up at 6:00 am. They always love those!

We arrived promptly at 7:30 am to the hospital. Of course we had to do paperwork and answer all of the same questions that we had to answer on the telephone twice before (once when scheduling and then again yesterday). We had to accomplish this with a screaming hungry baby because we couldn't feed him before the sedation.

Then the nurses took us back to a room to take his vitals. It was a slow day for them today apparently because for the one hour that we had to sit in the room, we were able to hear very clearly all of the drama surrounding one nurse's pending wedding as well as the staff opinion's on the Red Wings and GM bankruptcy.

After the vitals were done the nurses called the physician in to exam him to make sure he was OK to take the sedative. They said it should take 15 minutes. He was given chlorate hydrate which is supposed to make him just sleepy. Then we were allowed to give him a bottle. They came back after 15 minutes to find him playing with his Daddy. They came back another 15 minutes later to find the same thing. Then they gave him another half dose and said this would surely put him out. Another 15 minutes later and the same thing. He was acting droggy but not ready to go to sleep. I climbed in bed with him because that is how he goes to bed at night, and covered us up to try to darken the room so he'd know it was bedtime. When the nurses saw this, they said they could take us to a dark room if that would help. Off to the waiting room we went. As soon as they left and shut the door, I laid him on the floor on his blanket. It was pure darkness in that room. He was asleep within 5 minutes.

Pete went to get the nurse to take him for the MRI now. Hoping he would stay asleep for the 20 minutes that they needed. Within about 10 minutes I told Pete he was awake because I could hear him crying. Sure enough, 5 minutes later and the nurses were back with him. They needed just 6 more minutes but he wasn't having it.

I thought for sure he'd fall asleep on the way home but he didn't. He stayed awake and playful until his normal naptime. Then he took a nice long 2.5 hour nap.

Now we go back on July 2 to try again. This time they will perform full sedation so that they are sure he is sound asleep for the entire test. More waiting.