Wednesday, November 14, 2007

God's Timing

First a quick referral time frame update - referrals that came in this month were once again just for the first week of December 2005 - they incurred a 23 month wait! So hard for them as when they started, they thought they had less than one year and it ended up being almost two! Please pray for peace of mind for these families. If it remains static, which it most likely won't, it will most likely continue to lengthen, we will receive our referral in March 2009 as opposed to our original thought of April 2008!

I'm starting to see God's Plan a little more though. I have a bit of a sense of peace with this long wait right now. Pete had wanted to wait until his promotion in December 2006 / January 2007 to start the process but I felt a sense of urgency to get it started immediately in October 2006. Since I was doing all of the work, Pete agreed to go ahead and start the paper chasing. It turns out it was God pushing me because had we waited, we would have missed the May cut off for the new regulations which we would not have qualified for!

Now the wait lengthens. Originally we thought we would travel in April 2008 to bring Baby K home to us. Now it lengthens even more. Well had our time frame remained April 2008, I don't think I would have been open to listening to God about the move to NYC. Moving to NYC is supposed to start to happen in Spring 2008 - about the same time we thought we were traveling to China! Now China is on hold which allowed us to listen to God and become part of the church planting core team to move to NYC. What an awesome place to raise not only our 3 biological daughters but also our daughter from China! The culture will be wonderful for them.

So bit by bit, as I try to practice listening prayer, I see what God's Plan is for our family.