Wednesday, May 14, 2008

CCAA's Efforts

We have been told now for a few months that CCAA is implementing steps to speed up the adoption process. Many people think that what they are doing is waiting for the Olympics to be over. I believe this but think there is more to it than just that. Our referral update came today. This is what our agency had to say:

"The families from our last referral group who received their referral on May 2, 2008, experienced a 28 month referral timeframe. The CCAA continues to take steps to address the growing referral timeframe. These efforts include: recruiting more orphanages to participate in international adoption; educating orphanage officials on how to fill out the necessary paperwork for a child to be considered paper ready for international adoption in a more timely manner; starting to implement a computer based program, so that soon, everything will be done electronically; and providing impoverish orphanages with funds through the Blue Sky Plan. "

These are tangible steps that I do believe will help speed things up. I am still praying that we will be matched with our forever daughter in 2009. The girls will turn 5, 7, & 9 next year. I think that will be a good age for them all to make a cross continent trip, don't you : )

Monday, May 5, 2008

Referral Update

Once a month we get an email update from our adoption agency, informing us of the latest referrals that came in for that month. This is one way in which the agency can communicate with us during our LONG wait. It also lets us know how fast (in reality, how slow) we are moving through the wait.

I just received my May 2008 email update on the April 2008 referrals processed. For the entire month of April 2008, China was able to complete matching for an entire THREE days worth of referrals from January 2006! Lately they have been able to get through at least one full week. I think Kenadie will be in college by the time we get our baby. Seriously.