Friday, July 31, 2009

July Update

It has been a super busy month! It started out with me catching a cold. Luckily, no one else caught it. The girls had 2 weeks of evening swim lessons, then one week of vacation bible school, followed by one week of soccer camp for K2 & K3.

It was an uneventful month for Kaiden as far as any appointments go. He has continued to make small progresses. He is eating third foods very well and will eat some table foods (applesauce, oatmeal, berries) as long as they are mashed. I've also started making my own baby food in the mini food processor. Baby food gets expensive when you can go through 6 jars a day! We are trying the sippy cup now as well, with and without the spout. He enjoys apple juice but he doesn't like getting it from the sippy cup. He is also starting to not like the bottle as much. This makes getting fluids into him difficult. He is becoming more active as well. Sitting up unassisted for short periods of time as well as rolling all around the living room floor. He will roll over to get to his bottle when he is hungry but he doesn't seem to purposefully roll over for anything else.

We are looking forward to the genetics appointment next week.

Friday, July 10, 2009

MRI & CAT Scan Results

I received phone calls this week from both Kaiden's neurologist and neurosurgeon. Both tests came back perfectly normal. Praise the Lord!

His neurosurgeon said that we could still try a re-shaping helmet but he did not recommend it. We agreed and so are not going to do it. With Kaiden still not having full neck strength, we feel that the helmet could potentially do more harm than good. It would be added weight on his head and it probably would not do any noticeable re-shaping.

His neurologist said that now we need to wait for Dr. Bawle to run the CGH blood test to tell us if he had any chromosomal abnormalities. We don't see Dr. Bawle until August.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

MRI & Cat Scan

Today was our second attempt at Kaiden's MRI. This time it was a success. They had to use full anesthesia so we were confident that it would work this time. St. John was also able to get his CAT scan done immediately following while still under anesthesia. This is why I love that hospital so much. They are always very accommodating. They normally do CAT scans on Wednesday but even with only one day's notice, they were able to work it out so he wouldn't have to go in again and be put under for a second time. We expect to hear from his neurologist with the results after the holiday week-end. We had to do the CAT scan first so they gave us the paperwork for both that and the MRI so that he could be moved from one area to the next without any interruptions. When the CAT scan was done and they moved us down to the MRI waiting room, we took our paperwork to the desk. They had saved the paperwork from last month! The receptionist was so upset that they had us complete it again (it was really no big deal, it was only one sheet of paper double sided) that she gave us each a $5 credit to the cafe to get breakfast while we waited for the MRI to be done which takes longer than the CAT scan. We only sat for about 5 minutes once we got back from the cafe and Kaiden was done. We were at the hospital for only a total of about 2 hours.