Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's Official

First though, we are FINALLY in the REVIEW ROOM. This means that Chinese Officials are reviewing our dossier for completeness and eligibility. We are confident, largely in part because of our agency, that we should move through this process easily. This is the room that China will ask any questions of us that they may have based on our all our paperwork that we submitted. Our agency has a reputation for being very thorough. I have no doubts that this phase will pass quickly.

Now, it's official that we are considering a special needs (SN) baby. On Friday Pete completed the application for consideration of a SN baby. One of the questions on the applications, asks us to check off which special needs we would consider. It saddens me to think that some things that are easily corrected with a surgery here make a baby undesirable there. We know we can't handle some majors issues like downs syndrome, just being honest, but something like a cleft lip, we could. Our application will remain active with GWCA for 6 months. Based on the information that we submitted, the agency will try to match us up with a SN baby on the 'shared agency' list. We also now have access to our 'agency specific' list where we can view some more detailed information about babies on their list.

Two years ago, Pete was not ready for this. But God has prepared his heart and now he is open to it. Our home study agency has approved us for a SN baby as well so that is one less update we will have to do if we are matched.