Saturday, January 12, 2008

Possible Names

Well I don't post here much because there is nothing happening. LOTS of rumors around. I read the Rumor Queen also know as China Adopt Talk None of the rumors have any basis - lots of speculation. But I still read it to feel connected. Our referral is so FAR off. We've only been waiting 8 months. The last batch of referrals (China only sends referrals once per month) experienced a 25 month wait. Still growing. Some agencies say people are dropping out of the program like crazy because they can't deal with the wait. China says, Just wait until 2009 and things will have improved! 2009! That's a year away! I know it's all in God's Timing. This year would not be a good year after-all for us to travel for her.

Most days I don't even think about it. I know Baby K will be matched to us when it's time. But for some reason, today she has been on my mind a LOT. Maybe it is because someone asked Pete yesterday if I could get pregnant. Well, with God's intervention, I could. But in all likelihood, I shouldn't be able to. Now that made me sad. I was never sure I was done having babies but I was sure I didn't want to be pregnant again : )

Pete and I decided on a name before we even sent in our application to Great Wall. It just came to me (I know it was God talking to me) one day. I was pulling into the drive through of a McDonald's when it was put into my head. I called Pete immediately and said I have her name and it's "baby K" and he said, Yes that is it. I was being hung up on a name before I would send in the application to GWCA. Weird I know but it is how things were working for me. It was hard coming up with yet another girl name that started with K that we both like. We tried finding a Chinese name but there were like 3 to choose from! I won't tell anyone her name until after it's official. I don't know why either. It was like that for the other 3 girls and just seems to be the way it will be her. So we call her Baby K. We know her name will start with K because the other girls do.

So as a distraction, we talked about names for her just for fun. Pete suggested Ki'an. I think that is actually a pretty name. But I still like our first one. I think I 'm stuck on it. I'll still consider others but no other ones sound right. Now when we see her, we could totally change our minds like we did with K#1 but who knows. I think God named her and it will stick. She is probably not even born yet - possibly not even conceived yet!