Monday, March 24, 2008

I-600A About to Expire!

I'm typically more up on things like this but in my defense, we kind of have a lot going on right now!

I just realized yesterday that our fingerprints expire 5/7/08 (only 1 month away) and our I-600A expires at the beginning of August. That is required in order to bring Baby K home. I guess in the past when you were adopting internationally, the adoption was finalized, in most cases anyways, before these documents expired. The last group of referrals that come through experienced a 26 month wait. Our could easily turn in 36 months. We pray that it won't for many reasons but if it does, that means we will have to file for an extension AGAIN! And it won't be free.

If we file for an extension before our current one expires, then 1. It's free (about at $750 savings) and 2. We are "grandfathered" in and don't fall under the Hague Convention Treaty laws (I don't even know what that specifically would mean for us but I would imagine it means more paperwork which I'd LOVE to avoid).

So silly me thinks that just means filing a new form. Then I start to think about it and remember that it will require a homestudy update. Then I think about it some more and remember that the homestudy required a lot of papers too! UGH! I guess it'll be a distraction from our pending move (but I thought the pending move was distracting me from fretting over our continued wait for Baby K?!?)

Thank the Lord that our Homestudy Social Work is a GEM! Honest to God she is the BEST! She is very quick and thorough and just an all around wonderful person. So I emailed her tonight and within 30 minutes I have two emails back from her with directions on what we need to do step by step and an attachment with all of the necessary forms that need to be completed.

Well, guess I'll be busy this upcoming week. It's a good thing the girls have a break from many of their normal activities due to the Easter holiday.