Friday, August 26, 2011

Food Issues Worsen

This is a picture of all of the different foods that Kaeterina and I both tried to feed Kaiden for lunch today. ALL favorites of his. He refused everything except for a few sips of melted ice cream and a few sips of my ice tea in his sippy cup. We see the Nutritionist again in 2 weeks. If he keeps this up he is surely going to get a feeding tube. Part of me would be happy for that because at least then I would know that he was in fact getting of of his nutrients in. Of course I would not be happy because of all that goes along with that. It would feel like a step backwards for him. His teachers tell me that he is actually holding his own sippy cup and scooping his own food to feed himself at school. I would be thrilled if he would go back to just eating something that I feed him!

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